Conversations with Patrick Wright

Who are you and what do you think you’ve been doing all these years ?

Patrick Wright interviewed by Noel King, Department of Media, Macquarie University, New South Wales, Australia. Based on a conversation recorded on 5 May 2005 at Birkbeck College, London. Revised and overwritten, May 2007.

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“Writing the Obituaries”: An Interview with Patrick Wright

Patrick Wright interviewed by Manfred Pfister, Freie Universität Berlin. As published in ‘The Discovery of Britain’, a special issue of The Journal for the Study of British Cultures (Tübingen, Germany), Vol. 4 No. 1-2,1997, pp. 203-228. Also in Soundings; a Journal of Politics and Culture (London), No 8, 1998, pp. 14-48.

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