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Zaha Hadid in Cincinnati »

June 6th, 2003 | Posted in: Art & its applications, Articles General, Enthusiasms

On the opening of Zaha Hadid’s Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati, Ohio. Published as ‘Look what I built’, the Guardian (G2), 2 July 2003, pp. 12-13.

Mrs. Daphne Buxton creates twentieth century England’s first new common »

September 2nd, 1995 | Posted in: Articles General, Englishness and British national identity, Enthusiasms

In 1995, the Open Spaces Society announced that the first new common to be established in England during the twentieth century was being set up in the Norfolk village of Rushall. I went to have a look. First published in the Guardian, 2 September 1995.

On the United Nations Association »

July 1st, 1995 | Posted in: Articles General, Enthusiasms, War & peace

In the summer of 1995, I was irritated by a dismissal of the UN made by Ann Applebaum in the Daily Telegraph. Against this tendency to see the UN only as a corrupt and incompetent bureaucracy, I wrote this article about the United Nations Association, a voluntary organisation and some of its elderly advocates. Published in the Guardian, 1 July 1995

Don Giovanni (and business planning) come to the Hackney Empire »

February 27th, 1993 | Posted in: Articles General, Enthusiasms, Music

The Hackney Empire is now splendidly refurbished, but in the early nineties, when the place was ‘managed’ by the heroically unorthodox Roland Muldoon, you could glimpse the sky through holes in the roof. It was encounters like this that persuaded me to give up on my accidental life as a ‘consultant’ to arts and voluntary organisations. Consultants may know the cost of roofs but they rarely see the sky at all. Thank you, Roland. . . Published in the Guardian, 27 February 1993.