About this Website

Joseph Kohlmaier
8a West Smithfield
London EC1A 9JR

20 May 2007

Dear Joseph

As we discussed on the phone, I have decided to escape from my dependency on the world of print journalism and trade book publishing, both of which are proving increasingly inhospitable to my interests.

The website I’m asking you to design is intended to serve as a home for my writings, past, present and future. I want to be able to explain and comment on my various projects, to make available texts that have been out of print for years or that have never before been published. I hope this website might open an expanding space that will become central to my activities as time goes on.

I think of the site as an archive, but one of an unusually live and interactive kind. Rather than being a digital replica of the dusty chest of drawers in which I presently store my old articles and typescripts, it should be organised in a way that connects books and articles I have written in the past with ongoing preoccupations and present interests. The site needs a dynamic structure that imposes its own principle of selection, rather than just piling up a lot of old stuff of marginal relevance to the present.

I want the site to look and feel intelligently designed, but I am not after a PR-based publicity vehicle. It should not be primarily sales-orientated in its presentation of information.

The website will include details of all my publications since 1971. It will have pages devoted to each of my books, giving details of editions, extracts, corrections, comments on reviews, and space for people to discuss the books should they wish. Those that are in print could be linked to an appropriate sales outlet.

Articles should be listed in a chronological inventory, with entries linked to websites where they are available online. As time goes on I will try to make available a growing selection of those that can not be accessed in this way as PDF files. I envisage grouping selected articles in thematically defined strands, each capable of expansion over time.

Since this site is primarily about writing, I do not envisage devoting any but the most summary space to the television programmes in which I have been involved, and anticipate only including radio programmes alongside articles in transcribed form if at all.

Over the years, I have given a number of quite long interviews about my work. These should be included for the overview they provide of my activities to date.

There should also be a space for news items and upcoming events, along with a way of highlighting both recent articles and old ones that are given new resonance by current experience and developments.

Finally, the site should be open to the future, and able to accommodate the addition of new features as the need for them arises.

With thanks and best wishes,

Patrick Wright

Illustration: ‘Fate of the thinking man who relies only on print’ (Andrzej Krauze)