10 April 2011

Passport to Peking: a Very British Mission to Mao’s China

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‘Is there a house of history to stand as neighbour beside Henry James’s house of fiction? If there is, Patrick Wright will have a window all to himself, glittering with different, intense and jewelled fragments: a John Piper or Robert Colquhoun of a window.’ (Fred Inglis, the Independent»)

”As ever with Wright’s work the sheer density of thought, allusion and fact is staggering – but what is more amazing is the deftness with which he spins from this a gossamer and entrancing narrative thread.’  (Will Self)

‘An exuberantly rich chronicle teeming with personalities, stories, encounters and ideas, filled with the strangeness and wonder of colliding worlds…’ (David Hayes, Books of the Year, Australian Policy Online)

 ‘An impressive and unusual book… that succeeds by presenting a wonderful cast of characters set in a dimly remembered period… ‘  (Jonathan Fenby, Literary Review»)

A brilliant feat of research…The result is a tour de force, erudite, funny, endlessly revealing and generously illustrated. (John Keay, Times Literary Supplement )

Published by Oxford University Press, 27 October 2010. See my Guardian article»   Isobel Hilton in History Today» Pankaj Mishra in the New Yorker»

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