22 May 2009

The Stephen Bann Effect

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A conference at the Department of History of Art, University of Bristol, 20-21 June 2009. 

 I first came across Stephen Bann as an undergraduate at the University of Kent in the early 1970s , where he was widely known as the man responsible for placing various intriguing contemporary sculptures around that still very new campus.

I took a seminar with him. Entitled ‘Education and the Idea of Culture’, it was a fascinating survey that advanced through Arnold, Newman, de Tocqueville and Eliot, and then invited surviving participants to glance, perhaps with some trepidation, into the emerging political melee known as ‘cultural studies’.  

The Bristol conference has been organised as a tribute to Stephen on his retirement. On the second day I will be giving a talk entitled ‘Vernon Lee and the Unclothing of Clio’ – a title I take, none too subtly, from Stephen’s own early book, The Clothing of Clio.

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