31 March 2009

Better forgotten? – an interview on the ‘concept of heritage’

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I can’t be entirely sure when this was recorded, but my diary suggests it was on 8 February 2008…

The interviewer is the radio producer Susan Marling and, if I am remembering the right occasion, we met in her office at Rheidol Mews in Islington to talk about ‘heritage’ for the sake of a BBC Radio 4 programme on the perennial theme of the British country house. I never heard the final programme, which was, I believe, presented by a famously floppy-haired veteran of BBC Television’s ‘Changing Rooms’ whose name I have either repressed or forgotten.  Neither do I remember how this extract ended up being offered, via the Open University, by the apparently dormant ‘Sciencelive’ website.  But never mind.  I stand by the suggestion, made at the end of this recording, that ‘heritage’ can no longer be dominated by organic ideas of belonging and ‘rootedness’. Find here»

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