18 December 2008

On Living in an Old Country – again

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A revised and expanded paperback edition of On Living in an Old Country will be published by Oxford University Press on 26 February 2009.


It will contain the original text plus a new introductory essay reviewing the argument about ‘the heritage industry’ that followed first publication in 1985. Also included is ‘Sneering at the Theme Parks’, a conversation on the same subject with Tim Putnam, first published in Block in 1989 and presently posted here under the  theme ‘Heritage & History’. Read details and also the new introduction, ‘Heritage and the Place of Criticism’ here»

 “What is the state of public history today?” I will be participating in this event, organised by the Raphael Samuel History Centre, at the Institute of Historical Research in London, at 16.30 pm on 27 March 2009. details.pdf

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