24 May 2008

Emanuel Litvinoff’s Journey Through a Small Planet

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‘When I was nineteen the whole world flashed around my ears, all my false standards of values crumbled, everything that I had been sure of – the touch and quality of stone, the meaning of eating and sleeping and suffering, the texture of civilisation, all collapsed and left me in darkness. The world no longer existed. I was dead in some nightmarish way. . .’

–Emanuel Litvinoff to his younger brother Barnet, 9 July 1940.


Together with Litvinoff, his son Aaron and his wife Mary, I’ve recently finished working on a new edition of this remarkable portrait of London’s Jewish East End in the early twentieth century. The book includes previously unpublished writing by Litvinoff himself,  and I have written an 11,500 word introduction to Litvinoff’s life as a writer and campaigner,  entitled ‘Brick Lane: Views from the Quayside’. It was published as a Penguin Modern Classic on 7 August 2008.


EL returns to Brick Lane for the first publication of Journey in 1972

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Listen to Livinoff

In 1995, and thanks to the radio producer John Goudie, I recorded a 30 minute discussion with Emanuel Litvinoff, which was transmitted as a special edition of BBC Radio Three’s ‘Night Waves’ (my first ever, as I recall) on 4 April 1995.  Hear an mp3 of this discussion here»  Download transcript(pdf)»

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