7 October 2007

‘Redeeming the Makeshift’ – on David Spero’s photographs of Churches

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An appreciative afterword published in David Spero, Churches, London: SteidlMACK, October 2007.


Celestial Church of Christ and Prevailing Word Ministries, Dalston 2002.

David Spero is known for a series of photographs named ‘Settlements’, exhibited at the Photographer’s Gallery in 2005, which show ecological communities such as Tinkers Bubble in Somerset or Brithdir Mawr in Pembrokeshire.  Having seen some of these, I was pleased to be asked to write an afterword about his ‘Churches’, which are also makeshift structures, many of them found within the M25.  Far from being places of dedicated architecture, they are often temporary assemblages housed in recycled industrial units, old warehouses, and redundant shops – improvised DIY spaces which may, or may not, confirm secular society’s idea of the death of God. Read SteidlMACK’s catalogue entry here | See David Spero’s photographs here | Buy from Amazon.co.uk

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