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Hardware store, Marfa, Texas,  22 January 2004

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Dropping their eggs »

August 23rd, 2001 | Posted in: Articles General, War & peace

On Sven Lindqvist and his book A History of Bombing. Published as ‘Dropping their Eggs,’ London Review of Books, 23 August 2001, pp. 11-14.

On Melancholy and the humour of the night »

August 21st, 2001 | Posted in: Articles General, Music

On Harrison Birtwistle and Melancholia. An article derived from a lecture given for the Roche foundation before the premiere of Birtwistle’s ‘Night’s Black Bird’, Lucerne, Switzerland, 21 August, 2004.

Deep and True? Reflections on the cultural life of the English countryside. »

August 19th, 2001 | Posted in: Articles General, Englishness and British national identity

The Proms Lecture as broadcast on BBC Radio Three from the Victoria & Albert Museum at 5.30 pm on Sunday 19 August, 2001

Facing up to the subterranean stream: the challenge of Robin Blaser’s libretto »

August 1st, 2001 | Posted in: Articles General, Articles in Books, Literature, Music

About the libretto, by Robin Blaser, of Harrison Birtwistle’s opera, ‘The Last Supper’. Written for Glyndbourne Festival Opera, the first version was published in the seasonal programme book, Glyndbourne 2001, pp. 174-9.