11 November 1995

Resist Me, Make Me Strong – On Chris Cutler

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About Chris Cutler, percussionist, lyricist, publisher, and the contrary entrepreneur behind ReR Megacorp. Published in the Guardian (Weekend section), 11 November 1995.


What would happen if, through some irregular planetary convulsion, a fragment of an inhabited world split off, drifted away into space and survived? People used to indulge in just such speculations a quarter of a century ago, while hallucinating in front of LP covers. But the thought returns, and with unexpected gravity, in the upstairs front room of a small house in Thornton Heath, where south London thins out into dreary Surrey suburb. For just such a schism happened in rock music at about that time. A fragment broke off and it has been evolving ever since, independently and against considerable odds. If Thornton Heath is now an important point on its map, this is because Chris Cutler, drummer, lyricist, theorist and contrary entrepreneur, has recently moved in…

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