27 September 1995

Siraj Izhar’s public lavatory

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On Siraj Izhar and Strike, a group of art activists based in a redundant public lavatory outside Christ Church, Spitalfields, East London. Published as ‘Two loos, low trek’ in the Guardian, 27 September 1995.

‘ “It’s about black and white – a metaphor.” Siraj Izhar is trying to help a sceptical BBC television producer who is about to film his latest Strike project for a documentary in which six ‘ordinary’ people from Derry will be seen getting to grips with contemporary art. We are gathered on a pavement in Spitalfields, the historic immigrant quarter just east of the City of London. Cars thunder by on Commercial Street. Homeless men hang around in bunches, and an unexpected column of tourists passes by, tracing Jack the Ripper’s bloody trail with the help of a seedy-looking guide . . .’

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