23 March 1995

Bob Dylan Comes to Vladimir Merta’s Town

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In March 1995, Bob Dylan launched a European tour at the House of Culture in Prague. I went to the concert with Vladimir Merta, a leading song writer with the cultural opposition before the Velvet Revolution. Published in the Guardian, 23 March 1995


On a foggy night, Prague’s House of Culture could easily be mistaken for the South Bank Centre in London – a concrete labyrinth with a profusion of signs hiding the one direction you need. The seats, however, are in a class of their own: vast, plush boat-like things that would halve the capacity of any British theatre. The auditorium was used for party conventions during the communist years, and it was plainly considered desirable to keep even the grossest of apparatchiks floating in ample comfort.

Earlier this month, however, the House of Culture was occupied by smiling, denim-clad veterans of the old cultural opposition who had come to see their hero Bob Dylan. And there he was suddenly, fighting off the flu, as he opened his new European tour – or, if the myth is to be believed, the latest stretch of a tour that has been running more or less continuously for over a decade…

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