31 December 1994

Wrapped in the Tatters of the Flag

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John Major’s new-year resolution for 1995 was to remind us that we should be proud to be British. In the approach to a conference in which Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd would seek to emphasise Britishness, I argued that more flag-waving was the last thing we needed, and that real patriotism would lie in recreating a country that deserved the people’s confidence. Published in the Guardian, 31 December 1994.

Is patriotism proving once again to be the last refuge of a floundering government? The  thought must have occurred to many who glanced at the front page of The Times on the Thursday before Christmas. The main story concerned a MORI poll, which revealed the Government to be the most unpopular ever recorded. The article below announced that John Major was planning a ‘crusade’ to ‘rekindle public confidence in Britain’s greatness’…

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