27 February 1993

Richard Littlejohn – Drinking in the Albion

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A meeting with the award-winning Sun
columnist, shortly after the murder of Jamie Bulger.

Published as the ‘Monday Profile’ in the Guardian, 27 February 1993.

AUBERON WAUGH, who was named columnist of the year by ‘What The Papers Say’ in both 1979 and 1988, once remarked that the role of the journalist was really only to ‘tickle things up a bit’. Richard Littlejohn, the Sun columnist who was named Irritant Of The Year at the same ceremony last Friday, does not subscribe to that influential view, which enabled so many foppish commentators to go along with Thatcherism without ever making the vulgar error of actually signing up for a ticket.

As Littlejohn sees it, ‘the job of someone like me is to sit at the back and throw bottles’…
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