24 June 1992

Krzyzstof Wodiczko’s Alien Staff

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A practitioner of ‘interrogative design’, Krzyzstof Wodiczko produced a nomadic device for Barcelona and the 1992 Olympic Games. Published in the Guardian, 24 June 1992.

Patrick Wright - Alien Staff

‘The Olympic Games which open in Barcelona at the end of July will last fifteen days but the preparations, which are said to have turned the city into a vast building site, have been underway for years. Motorways and railway lines have been moved. Tunnels have been blasted through mountain ranges, and the inevitable mascot-logo (a bumptious-looking creature called COBI) has been stuck up all over the city. The new glass airport terminal is still being unwrapped, but the electronic greeting machines are already bouncing fanfares across acres of resounding marble floor. . .’

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