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A tale of two citadels »

November 1st, 1992 | Posted in: Art & its applications, Articles General

On Sanart 92, an international symposium on ‘Identity – Marginality – Space’ held in Ankara, Turkey, 7-9 October 1992. Participants included Thomas Sebeok, Orhan Pamuk, Marcia Tucker, Bedri Baykam, Mauricio Cruz, Cornelius Castoriadis, Jorge Glusberg, Mohammed Arkoun and Caglar Keyder.

Cuzals – a visit to the Ecomuseum »

August 30th, 1992 | Posted in: Articles General, Heritage & History

On a new kind of French institution. Written for the Guardian in the summer of 1992. Previously unpublished.

Voice of the loud young Turks »

July 9th, 1992 | Posted in: Articles General, Aversions, Kulchur

The Modern Review was not just a magazine devoted to the ‘posh pop’ view of culture. It was a publicity machine that served to launch a number of thrusting young commentators, including its editor, Toby Young, into mainstream newspapers. Despite its modest print run, and its very short life, this ephemeral apparatus is still feted by commentators such as Bryan Appleyard for having put ‘culture’ on the map. I didn’t see it that way, and still don’t.

Published in the Guardian, 9 July 1992, p. 25.

Krzyzstof Wodiczko’s Alien Staff »

June 24th, 1992 | Posted in: Art & its applications, Articles General

A practitioner of ‘interrogative design’, Krzyzstof Wodiczko produced a nomadic device for Barcelona and the 1992 Olympic Games. Published in the Guardian, 24 June 1992.

Tank Man – an image from Tiananmen Square, 5 June 1989 »

June 4th, 1992 | Posted in: Articles General, War & peace

Just after the massacre in Tiananmen Square, a single man stepped in front of a column of tanks. The resulting images were rapidly transmitted around the west. I wrote this piece for the third anniversary. It appeared in the Guardian, 4 June 1991. An expanded version formed the opening chapter of my book Tank: The Progress of a Monstrous War Machine (2000).

Brick Lane’s Day of Killing »

May 26th, 1992 | Posted in: Art & its applications, Articles General, London

On the Czech artist David Cerny and the ‘Day of Killing’ he introduced to East London’s Brick Lane as part of the art festival Edge 92. Published in the Guardian 26 May 1992.

Down among the Gentrifiers »

May 6th, 1992 | Posted in: Articles General, London

1992. A time of post-boom tristesse in East London. The uncompleted Canary Wharf went into receivership, and the property market had suddenly collapsed, causing tremors of anxiety at dinner tables where conversation had previously dwelt on the astronomical rise in house prices. It seemed like a good time to review the idea of ‘gentrification’. Published in the Guardian, 6 May 1992.

The Poliscar – not a tank but a war machine for people-without-apartments »

January 12th, 1992 | Posted in: Art & its applications, Articles General, Articles in Books, War & peace

On Krzysztof Wodiczko and a ‘public intervention device’ designed in 1991 to address the condition of the homeless in New York City. As published in Krzysztof Wodiczko: instruments, projeccions, vehicles, Barcelona: Fundació Antoni Tàpies, 1992, pp. 259-285.