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Christmas spurned »

December 21st, 1991 | Posted in: Articles General, Englishness and British national identity, Miscellaneous rigs of the time

More than 300 years ago, under the Puritans of the Long Parliament, the celebration of Christmas was made illegal in Britain. In late November 1991, I went to the Highlands and Islands of northwest Scotland to talk with the heirs of the Puritan tradition who are fighting a rearguard battle against an overwhelming festival they regard as English, Roman and idolatrous. Published in The Independent Magazine, 21 December 1991.

A night to remember »

November 1st, 1991 | Posted in: Articles General, London, Politics

A report from Hackney Town Hall, describing the eventful night when Councillor Medlin Lewis defected from the ruling Labour group to join the Conservative opposition. Published in the Guardian, 1 November 1991.

Douglas Oliver’s Penniless Politics »

October 24th, 1991 | Posted in: Articles General, Literature

About Douglas Oliver and his New York poem Penniless Politics Published as ‘Poet of the lower depths’, the Guardian, 24 October 1991.

Why a pink tank made Prague see red »

July 25th, 1991 | Posted in: Art & its applications, Articles General, Czecho-Slovakia, War & peace

One night in the summer of 1991, a young Czech artist named David Cerny went out onto the streets of Prague with some friends and painted a Soviet tank pink. The action caused a row that extended throughout Czechoslovakia, a country that had yet to divide into Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It had international ramifications too. Published in the Guardian 25 July 1991. A fuller version of the article appears in my book Tank: The Progress of a Monstrous War Machine (2000).