1 May 1989

Sneering at the Theme Parks

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A conversation between Tim Putnam and Patrick Wright about the ‘Heritage Industry’, and the kind of critical discussion it might require. Published in Block, No.15, Spring 1989.

Tim Putnam’s opening remark:

After the recent Council of Europe Conference on Heritage and Urban Regeneration at Halifax, Robert Hewison led off a public debate with the observation that the enemy of heritage was the heritage industry. This was not an easy line of argument to sustain in the face of such formidable figures as Peter Addyman from the Yorkshire Archaeological Trust, creators of Jorvik. Addyman was easily able to show that Jorvik provided an effective way of extending their programme of archaeological research. Hewison was forced to retreat into conjuring up an image of a decadent country dotted with Jorvik clones, which didn’t go down very well in an old industrial area where conjuring with heritage has brought new jobs and increased investment, reversing decades of decline and outmigration. It all made one wonder what was really at stake in the debate which has circled round the notion of ‘heritage industry’…

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