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How the Red Telephone Box became Part of Britain’s National Heritage »

August 5th, 1988 | Posted in: Articles General, Articles in Books, Heritage & History

In the late 1980s, just before the triumph of mobile phone technology, a heated debate took place about privatization and its effect on Britain’s red telephone boxes. The first version of this argument was published as ‘On a ring and a prayer’, New Statesman and Society, 5 August 1988. A revised version was incorporated into A Journey Through Ruins (1991). It later underwent further slight modifications to appear as ‘How Privatization turned Britain’s Red Telephone Kiosk into an Archive of the Welfare State’ in Francis X Blouin Jr. and William G. Rosenberg (eds.), Archives, Documentation, and Institutions of Social Memory: Essays from the Sawyer Seminar, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2006, pp. 207-14.

Donald Trump and his gleaming Tower »

June 17th, 1988 | Posted in: Articles General, Encounters, Miscellaneous rigs of the time

In December 1987, I stepped into an opulent new building on Fifth Avenue in New York City and found myself face to face with Donald Trump. Our eyes did not meet, but I did write this article about the man, his just published autobiography and his Tower. Published as ‘The man who would be Christ’, New Statesman & Society, 17 June 1988

Brideshead and the Tower Blocks »

June 2nd, 1988 | Posted in: Articles General, Heritage & History, Miscellaneous rigs of the time

A review of Witold Rybcyzinski’s book Home: A Short History of an Idea, which makes a wider argument about the rise of the English country house as a polemically-powered symbol of superior culture during the post-war period. I later incorporated much of this material into ‘Brideshead Relocated’, a chapter of A Journey Through Ruins (1991). Published in the London Review of Books, 2 June 1988.

Going to Blazes »

February 12th, 1988 | Posted in: Articles General, Literature

A review of Tom Wolfe’s The Bonfire of the Vanities. Published in The Guardian, 12 February 1988