1 August 1987

Why the blight is stark enough

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On the National Trust and its management, or otherwise, of Sutton House in Hackney. This article was written as part of a local campaign to shame the National Trust into taking better care of a property that is not actually in the ‘East End’ of London, although we placed it there for rhetorical effect. The Trust responded briskly under its Chairman Dame Jennifer Jenkins, and was soon displaying a lavishly restored Sutton House as proof of what could be done with inner city properties. Having employed my analysis of the post-war rise of the country house to this practical purpose within the conservation movement, I would be irritated when it was later suggested that the critique of country house ‘heritage’ was sourced in misogynist contempt for flowery decor and lavendar bags (see my rather bad-tempered review of Raphael Samuel’s Theatres of Memory, also available in this strand). Published in the Guardian, 1 August 1987, p. 17. Thanks to Richard Gott for the title.


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